Schen Loves Italy

Eat, drink, laugh, share

Residents came out to support Italy, raising $17k for Red Cross following earthquake

By Michael Eck

A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck August 24, 2016 in central Italy, with damage centered in the mountain town of Amatrice. Proctors, recognizing the strong Italian American population in the city and the region, responded by reaching out to other businesses in the community and staging a Schenectady Loves Italy fundraiser the following week.

Proctors joined with The City of Schenectady, The Daily Gazette, DeCrescente Distributing, Mazzone Hospitality, Mallozzi’s and Perreca’s to serve Amatriciana style pasta to all comers on the sidewalks of State Street, while Schenectady-based Fundabilities accepted donations online.

The community came out to show its support for Italy, too, and the one-day campaign raised $17,255 as a donation directly to the Italian Red Cross for disaster relief.

“What fun for a great cause,” said Proctors CEO Philip Morris. “Schenectady was able to eat, drink, laugh and share stories while doing the serious work of reaching across the seas to help the devastated people of Amatrice.”